Peter Duncan

Boat Captain
Boat Maintenance


  • Over 30 years of hands-on sailing experience, with multiple Atlantic crossings.
  • Expertise in sailing, sailing gear, and safety, with a focus on providing invaluable tips to budding sailors.
  • Primary contributor to, sharing insights based on personal experiences.


Peter Duncan is not just a boat captain; he's a sailor with a passion that runs as deep as the ocean. With over three decades of sailing under his belt, Peter's writings are a treasure trove of knowledge for young sailors embarking on their own journeys. His articles on are a testament to his dedication to the craft, offering readers a unique blend of expert advice and personal anecdotes. Peter's philosophy is simple: learn from experience. He believes that the best lessons come from real-life situations, and he strives to share these lessons with his readers to help them avoid costly or risky mistakes. Outside of his professional life, Peter enjoys quality time with family and friends, delving into a good book, and swaying to the rhythm of music. He also indulges in competitive sailing, leading a small crew on thrilling adventures.  


In addition to his real-life experience on the water spanning over three decades, Peter has further enriched his skills through various courses on seamanship, navigation, and passage-making. He has trained with esteemed institutions like the American Sailing Association (ASA) and the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), ensuring he stays updated with the latest in sailing techniques and safety protocols.

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