John Adams

Marine Tech Consultant


  • Boat owner and tech whisperer, with a passion for boat electronics and sound technology, aiming to improve people's lives.
  • Holds a degree in Computer Systems Technology and a Music Production Certificate.
  • Contributor to, providing honest and impartial reviews of the latest boat electronics.


John Adams, known as the "Tech Whisperer," combines his love for boating, technology, and music, to provide readers with in-depth insights into boat electronics and technology in general. With a hands-on approach, John delves deep into product specs, ensuring he understands and has used the technology he writes about. This approach allows him to highlight the benefits and nuances that users might face, making his reviews genuine and trustworthy. Outside of his life as writer, John is a music junkie and a self-proclaimed boat captain, especially when the sun's shining. Juggling between the realms of tech and nature, he has carved a unique niche for himself. With aspirations to sail the Caribbean, John's journey is one of continuous learning and exploration.


John earned his degree in Computer Systems Technology from George Brown College. He further honed his skills with a Music Production Certificate from another esteemed institution. To ensure safety and expertise in his boating endeavors, John has also completed a Boating Safety Course and has undergone online training in GPS and Marine Navigation.

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