Tim West

Marine Electronics


  • Expert boat enthusiast with over 15 years of experience owning boats and extensive knowledge of on-water activities.
  • Completed Boating Safety Course, Navigation, and Marine Radio Operation courses.
  • Work featured on BestBoatingTips.com,  the American Boating Association, Pontoon and Deck Boat Magazine, Mysailing.com.au, and the Board Retailers Association.


Tim West is not just a boat enthusiast; he's a passionate advocate for sharing his vast knowledge and experience with others. With over a decade of boat ownership under his belt, Tim offers a depth of understanding that few can match. Through his primary platform, bestboatingtips.com, Tim provides invaluable insights, honest product reviews, and the best advice for both beginners and seasoned boaters. His writing philosophy is straightforward: deliver valuable, no-nonsense information to help others make educated decisions. Outside of his professional life as a business manager, Tim cherishes moments spent on his boat, exploring new places with his family, and soaking in the beauty of nature.


Tim earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Management from the University of South Florida. Further enhancing his boating skills, he has completed courses in Boating Safety, Marine Navigation as well as Radio Operation.

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